Olga Tveretina

Research interests:

  • Propositional proof complexity
  • Hybrid systems
  • Parallel computing
  • Decision procedures for software and hardware verification

Recent talks:

On the Reachability Problem for Low Dimensional Hybrid Automata, Bergen University, Norway, February 2020

Interfaces and Concepts to Build Large Resilient and Predictable Systems, Engineering and Computer Science Research Conference, University of Hertfordshire, April 2019

What Is Decidable about Low-dimensional Hybrid Automata? A. P. Ershov Research Institute of Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk, Russia, May 2018

Recent papers:

R. Kirner, S. Maurer, O. Tveretina, Component Interfaces with Loosely Synchronous Communication, accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Societal Automation (SA2020)

O. Tveretina, P. Zaichenkov, A. Shafarenko, Non-Local Configuration of Component Interfaces by Constraint Satisfaction, the Constraints Journal, 2020

A. Sandler, O. Tveretina:    ParaPlan: a Tool for Parallel Reachability Analysis of Planar Polygonal Differential Inclusion Systems,  The 8th International Symposium on Games, Automata, Logics, and Formal Verification (Gandalf), 2017

P. Zaichenkov, O. Tveretina, A. Shafarenko:  A Constraint Satisfaction Method for Configuring Non-Local Service Interfaces, 12th Int. Conference on integrated Formal Methods (iFM), 2016

P. Zaichenkov, O. Tveretina, A. Shafarenko:  Configuring Non-Local Interfaces of Closed-Sourced Cloud Services, iFMCloud'16: The First International Workshop on Formal Methods for and on the Cloud​, 2016

P. Zaichenkov, B. Gijsbers, C. Grelck, O. Tveretina, A. Shafarenko: The Cost    and  Benefits of Coordination Programming: Two Case Studies in Concurrent Collection and S-Net,   accepted to    Parallel Processing Letters, 2016

P. Zaichenkov, O. Tveretina, A. Shafarenko: Interface Reconciliation in Kahn Process Networks using CSP and SAT, 5th Int. Workshop on the Cross-Fertilization Between CSP and SAT, 2015 [pdf]


P. Zaichenkov, B. Gijsbers, C. Grelck, O. Tveretina, A. Shafarenko: A Case Study in Coordination Programming: S-Net vs Concurrent Collection, In 28th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW'14) Workshop on Programming Models, Languages and Compilers for Manycore and Heterogeneous Architectures (PLC'14), Phoenix, USA,  IEEE Computer Society, 2014    [pdf]